Getting Rid of fleas and worms

getting rid of fleas close up of a flea

Ok so this is where things got a little overwhelming there are so many products on the market what products do I choose for getting rid of fleas or ongoing worm prevention? 


Fortunately, our cats have never had fleas so getting rid of fleas has never been an issue for us ! this is because we treated out cats straight away after we bought them. Initially, I would recommend buying a 3 pack of revolution ( flea treatment and worms) and using it every month for 3 months. This will kill any fleas and eggs that may have been picked up at the Pet store or Animal shelter.  After the initial 3 months, I would only recommend using revolution on an as needed basis. Like if you suspect fleas or you have sent your cat to a cattery. You may want to consider using it all the time if you live in a high mosquito area and your cat is always outside as Revolution prevents heartworm.

Other than these circumstances, because of the price I would only really recommend this medication as a treatment for getting rid of fleas as needed. 

If you don't live in Australia I would recommend using Bayer advantage 2 only use this for your flea treatments instead of revolution not for worms. (you will need to use worm tablets in addition to the flea treatment)

The main reason I don’t use revolution monthly is because it is fairly expensive and the only difference between Milbemax and Revolution is the added heartworm protection which as stated above is only a worry for outside cats in mosquito prone areas. 


Our main ongoing worm treatment for both our cats is Milbemax if you live outside Australia I would suggest using Bayer Drontal all wormer.


I would buy Milbemax kitten < 2kg and give to the kitten at 6,8 and 12 weeks then every 3 months after that. (If the kitten is already 10 weeks old and has not been treated give at 10,12 & 14 weeks etc.) 

Once your cat reaches more than 2kg switch to Milbemax cats > 2kg and continue at 2monthly intervals.

If you are using Bayer Drontal all wormer instead of Milbemax then you simply give 1 tablet until your kitten is over 4kg.

The trick to giving your cat any oral tablet is.

  1. Secure the cat either between your legs or get someone to hold the cat for you
  2. Tilt the cats head backwards while lightly squeezing at either side of the back of the jaw to open mouth
  3. Drop the tablet into mouth as far towards the back of the tongue as you can release the head and see if the tablet gets spat out.


The main secret is where you drop the tablet if you get this right they can’t spit it out.


I have also made a Video on this which you can view below.


  1. First vaccination F4 is given at 6-8 weeks
  2. Second vaccination F5 or F6 (FIV) 9-11 weeks (3 weeks after first)
  3. Third vaccination F5 or F6 12-15 weeks ( 3 weeks after second)
  4. If you elected to have F6 with the feline aids you will need a feline aids booster at 15-18 weeks ( 3 weeks after third vaccination
  5. From this point on continue to get F5 or F6 at 12 monthly intervals from your third vaccination date

I would recommend going with the F6 vaccination because if your cat happens to get out and fight with another cat they could get Feline aids. After the initial injections it is not really much more per year and they are then covered for everything.

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