Cat Or Kitten

cat or kitten kitten being cleaned by a cat
Mia cleaning Rex

Can't decide on if you would like a Cat or Kitten ? Or if you would like your cats to be indoor cats or outdoor cats ? well hopefully, this article will help you decide.

I would recommend getting kittens as young as possible 8 weeks is the minimum this way you have the most influence on their personality. Mia was purchased at a pet store at around 8 weeks old and was already chipped and I think had her first vaccination already. Rex had been in a couple of other people houses and was purchased from The RSPCA (cat home) he was also chipped and had his first vaccination.  As Rex had been in other homes I am unsure what happen there but it has resulted in him being scared and on edge. He is a great affectionate cat but always seems to be on red alert and any loud noise or sudden movement will scare him and he is out of there.


Ultimately the decision to get a cat or kitten is up to you. But you will have a great deal more influence on your cat's personality if you decide to get a kitten.

Indoor Cats or Outdoor Cats

indoor cats sleeping inside
outdoor cats in sun

There are numerous products on the market now that will enable you to turn your backyard into a cat enclosure and allow your cat to be an outdoor cat. If this is possible and you own your house then this is what I would recommend as you can then have an outdoor litter box which is much better on smell in your house. We rent so all we have been able to do is select a yard that is difficult to get out of. Our cats are mainly indoor cats we only allow the cats to go outdoors whilst we are watching them. Mia our female cat must be related to Houdini because if you turn your back she will get out she is quite the escape artist.


The reason our cats are predominately indoor cats and only allowed outdoors when we watch them is:

  • We live in town sooner or later they will get run over
  • Don’t want them to get eaten by a dog or bitten by a snake
  • Don’t want them to kill every living native animal they see (that’s what cats like to do, kill anything that moves)
  • There are sadistic cruel people out there that hate cats and will poison them or worse.


If you would like to build your own cat enclosure to enable your cats to become outdoor cats the below website is very informative and reasonably priced. If you don’t want to do it yourself you can also pay for installation. If you live in Australia or the USA they definitely ship to you! they will also try to accommodate any other locations worldwide just drop them an email. 


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