Homemade Cat food is it worth the effort?

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Rex is hungry!!

Another overwhelming topic was what is Best Cat food to feed our cats. This is made even more difficult by large cat food companies claiming that their cat food is premium etc. You will also have different vets recommending different foods claiming its the Best Cat Food not always because the food is the best for your cat but because that is the food that they sponsor and probably get commissions or have hefty markups on within their vet store.

If you have the time and your cat will eat it then homemade cat food or a raw diet is by far the best for your cats. However, this is very time-consuming and technical in making sure your cats get all required nutrients and vitamins.

I believe that homemade cat food prepared correctly is by far the best food that you can prepare for you cats! Cats in the wild don't hunt for biscuits or tinned food they kill birds and nearly anything else that moves! If they kill and eat a bird they word consume the bones innards and flesh of their prey which gives them the nutrition and hydration they require to be healthy.

If you decide that you have the spare time and would like to feed your fur baby the best then no need to read an further simply click here to go to a recipe for homemade cat food. This recipe will give your cats all the nutrition the require however as it is a homemade cat food please make sure you fully understand the recipe and follow it to the letter or it could lead to health issues.

If  however you are like 95% of the rest of the world and homemade cat food is not an option then feeding a dry / wet diet is going to work best for you.

So after much research into homemade cat food we decided to go with a dry / wet diet and I find one of the best dry cat foods is Canidae Grain Free Pure elements this food really is outstanding! It contains 35% crude protein and is definitely a super premium cat food. Because this food doesn’t use grain as a filler your cats will get fuller quicker and actually eat less food so although it is expensive you actually feed allot less food. We feed our 2 fully grown adult cats 1 level metric cup per day along with 60-80 grams of wet food.


If you are already feeding your cat another food and would like to switch over to this food then I recommend the same method I used for our cats.

One of our cats is extremely fussy so if this worked for him I am sure it will work with your cats as well. I used a 10 % per week for 10 weeks method and this worked really well.

WEEK 1 90% old food 10% new

WEEK 2 80% old food 20% new

WEEK 370% old food 30% new

WEEK 4 60% old food 40% new

WEEK 550% old food 50% new

WEEK 6 40% old food 60% new

WEEK 730% old food 70% new

WEEK 8 20% old food 80% new

WEEK 910%old food 90% new

WEEK 10 100% new food


Most cat food will recommend a 4-week transition plan this is fine if your cats are not fussy but the 10-week plan is more of a safe bet. If you read the majority of the negative reviews on this product they are all to do with the cats not liking the food. I would say in most of these cases the owner just took it out of the bag and give it to their cats! Using the 10-week plan will give you a much better chance of success and will also allow your cat to adjust slowly to the new food.

For wet food, we feed ZiwiPeak cans all sorts of varieties and I feed 60-80 grams per cat per day. If it is a 170g can 1/3 of a can or I just give the full 85g cans. These can also be purchased through my pet warehouse.


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I just Love food !!!

As I mentioned above cats normally get the majority of there hydration from the prey that they consume so when you feed them a dry / wet diet instead of a homemade cat food diet you need to ensure they drink more water. 

Have you ever noticed your cat drinking from the toilet bowl ? Cats seem to love any form of running water! That's why I recommend purchasing or building your own cat water fountain. 

I have used the Catit water fountain and found it to be ok however before you purchase this one I did find some downfalls. 

  • The plug gets very hot and eventually becomes brittle 
  • lots of hard to reach places for cleaning

You can expect to get a couple of years out of one of these. 

If you have the money and can't be bothered making your own I would recommend a pioneer pet peace water fountain they have very good reviews and are similar to the one that I have made.

If you would like to build your own please be patient as I am working on a video / page on making your own. I have built my own filtered cat water fountain and I believe it is superior and cheaper than the store-bought designs.



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