Cat care Close up of posing cat
Mia Our Female Cat
cat care cat in window close up
Rex Our Male Cat

Four years ago my wife and I got our first Cat Mia and three years ago we got our second Cat Rex. We have learnt the hard way numerous handy tips and tricks  about cat care that I am going to share with you.

The biggest problem with trying to find out information online about cat care is most of the time you get data overload. Then you will probably end up more confused than when you started.

Hopefully, through reading this you will be able to cut through some of the garbage and save yourself some time. As I share some of our mistakes when becoming a Cat owner.

I am not a Vet and none of this information is vet approved this is just my opinion and what has worked best for me as a Cat owner. In saying that Mia & Rex are considered to be part of our family and we do everything we can to ensure they live a long, healthy happy life.

We live in Australia so products that I recommend may not be available in other countries. The information will still be relevant no matter where you are on the globe.

If you would like to read all the information just click the read first article below and use the next arrows to continue through. Otherwise, simply click on the specific information you are looking for on the left.

If you have any other information on cat care that you believe would be worth sharing please leave comments on the articles or contact me.